Long story short.

How BouveryCV came to be

BouveryCV® uses a gluten-free vodka, blended with organic cocoa and natural flavors to create a rich dark chocolate alcoholic journey. From its 1999 inception in Notting Hill, London, Danny Bouvery’s interest in blending fine chocolate and vodka (regular occupants in his fridge) led him to experiment and finally perfecting his secret recipe in New York.

Ultimately used to gain access to the best New York parties with a proviso he would bring his naughty libation, Danny continued to share this decadent creation with socialites, and fend off celebrity New York chefs and bar owners wanting the recipe. The development of the chocolate liqueur had improved enough to convince Danny it was time to partner with a distillery, the final piece of the puzzle. The rest is history in the making.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you BouveryCV®, made in the USA, using the finest ingredients.

Westford Hill Distillers

BouveryCV® is produced at Westford Hill Distillers, nestled in the rolling hills of Connecticut, located on 200 acres of property owned by the Chatey family since 1919.

This distillery property is unaltered and intact since first settled in 1711. Distilling has taken place on the property since the mid-1700s when non-tax-paid spirits were procured at the “Smugglers Tree.” The gluten free vodka produced here, is carefully blended with the BouveryCV® proprietary formula, then hand-bottled and labeled for distribution.

Danny was introduced to Lou and Margaret Chatey in early 2014 and is excited to be working with them on a small batch craft product.

Indulge In The Experience

The cocoa used is low in fat yet still produces the rich chocolate flavor that everyone enjoys. BouveryCV® sets itself apart from chocolate liqueur brands by proving that it is a genuinely luxurious artisanal offering. Made with the finest Fair Trade cocoa and gluten-free corn vodka, 4 times distilled/filtered with pure spring water from Westford Hill, Connecticut, to produce a premium world class chocolate liqueur.

Six years have been spent developing a proprietary BouveryCV® formula and manufacturing process, using natural flavors to produce a truly new and innovative, tastefully unexpected experience.

Try It For Yourself