Frequently asked questions

Is this a flavored vodka?

Absolutely not, this is an indulgent real dark chocolate liqueur (not a clear liquid), with vodka blended to add the vroom!

Why shake well before you open a new bottle?

The first shake ensures any settling of the chocolate is mixed back into the liqueur.This can lead to thicker pours otherwise. A gentle shake is required on further pours.

Why does the liqueur pour very thick even after shaking?

This can occur if the bottle has not been shaken well from the first pour. If you have any concerns, please email us at and we’ll gladly replace the bottle.

How do I get every last drop of chocolate liqueur out of the bottle?

Our favorite suggestions are:

  • Pour 2 oz of your preferred spirits or coffee into the bottle and shake vigorously like playing the maracas (our favorites are bourbon or a triple sec like Cointreau or Grand Marnier.)
Are any nuts used in the liqueur?

There are no nuts in the liqueur, nor is there any cross contamination risk in the production facility.

Is this liqueur Gluten and Vegan friendly?

There is no gluten in the liqueur, however, we do use dairy hence not vegan-friendly.

Where does the creamy velvet mouthfeel come from?

We use a natural milk and cream component to provide that amazing texture you feel in your mouth.

What kind of vodka do you use?

Westford Hill Distillery (Ashford, CT) premium corn vodka provides the smooth warm alcohol sensation.

How is the liqueur so well balanced ?

5 years of perfecting, and a lot of love and patience is behind what you taste today…enjoy and tell a friend, share if you must!

Is the liqueur shelf stable?

The balance of alcohol and dairy with the proprietary chocolate blend means no refrigeration is required. We recommend you keep away from extended direct heat and store in a cool, dark place. Crystallization can occur if left in temperatures over 100 degrees. This does not affect the taste, although the texture will be different.

How many bottles in each batch and how many batches are available?

Each batch contains approximately 2500 bottles. We’ve produced 9 batches since June 2017 through January 2020. 

Can batches vary?

Each batch is unique and may have very subtle differences. This may heighten the chocolate taste or vary the texture and viscosity. 

The handwritten numbers on each bottle are a nice touch.Who writes them and will this be on every bottle?

Each bottle is personalized with a handwritten label to show the batch and bottle number. Mrs. Anabela Bouvery writes every batch and bottle number using her favorite sharpie.  She promises to continue writing until her hand goes numb! 

What makes the little bottle special and what should we do when finished?

We choose the 375ml Little Sumo to convey the luxury of an exclusive possession you might have, a perfume or aftershave bottle perhaps. A beautiful light brown bottle tint was applied to add to the mystique of the liqueur inside. When finished, see FAQ #3 and then clean and let dry. We believe in sustainability, so go ahead and reuse.  Some of our favorite reuses: olive oil dispenser or drop some LED lights inside for that magical holiday or bedside light. 

Why does each new batch need to rest?

Each batch is ‘rested’ for 2-3 months in the bottle prior to release from the distillery. The unique natural quality of the liqueur changes from day 1 and continues to evolve like a complex red wine. 

When were the batch runs?

Batch #1 – June 2017

Batch #2 – January 2018

Batch #3 – May 2018

Batch #4 – July 2018

Batch #5 – November 2018 

Batch #6 – February 2019

Batch #7 – June 2019

Batch #8 – September 2019

Batch #9 – January 2020

Batch #10 – Feb 2021

Batch #11 – April 2021

Batch #12 – June 2021

What is the expiration on batches?

We recommend bottles are consumed within 3 years of batch-run production, and 1 year once opened. Refrigeration will extend the liqueur shelf life. 

I've just bought a bottle, what else can I mix it with?

See our cocktail corner section. Try mixing with bourbon, mezcals and citrus liqueurs like Grand Marnier and Cointreau. 

Do you recomend making hot drinks like hot chocolate?

See our cocktail corner for recipes, the answer is yes! 

Wouldn't this be great on ice cream or hot dessert?

Are you telling us or asking us…yes yes, see our recipe corner! 

What chocolate do you use and where does it come from?

The chocolate is derived from fair trade cocoa beans that is sourced from Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic.